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NOTIFICATION On Date: 03/01/2019
Cancer Awareness Camp Conducted at Chanchalguda Prison by Dr. P. UshaRani, Dr. Surabhi Somani & Sandhaya Padma
800 prisoners attended the session which was led by Dr.P.Usharani on Cancer awarenees covering symptoms and various causes followed by Tobacco Cessation talk by Dr.Surabhi Somani mentioning the harmful impacts of Tobacco consumption and how to adopt a healthy alterative lifestyle.
Self help tips were covered by Sandhya Padma and then a practical activity was done to showcase the impact of smoking on organs by diffrent counsellors placed by NATCO and People's Trust along with Social Workers trainees placed as interns at MNJ.
The response from prisoners were overwhelming as there were Question and answer round where they committed to quit the addiction. There were few who told how prison transformed their lives as tobacco was banned there and they feel good after quitting.
Cancer Awareness Camp Conducted at Chanchalguda Prison
Breast Cancer Awareness Camp at Jetcharla, Mehboobnagar
A free breast screening camp was set up by Hon'ble Health Minister-Dr.C.Laxma Reddy at Jetcharla, Mehboobnagar.
Dr.C.Laxma Raddy's concern on women's health led him initiate such screening camp as he quoted 6 out of 10 women suffer from breast cancer but remains undetected thus screening camps are important. MNJ institute conducted screening camps on 16th, 17th Sept at CHC and conducted the same camp at a PHC on 19th and 20th September.
Breast Cancer Awareness Camp at Jetcharla
Health Secretarty-Shri Rajeshwar Tiwari inaugarated Help Desk at MNJ Institute of Oncology.
10 lac patients visit every year at MNJ Hospital and such inaugral of Help desk will be quick tool in helping Cancer patients.Shri Rajeshwar Tiwari visited diffrent departments of the Hospital with the director, Dr.N.Jayalatha and RMO, Dr.Srinivas along with the Managing Trustee- Mr.Mustaba Hassan Askari running an NGO-Helping Hand Foundation.
Health Secretarty-Shri Rajeshwar Tiwari inaugarated Help Desk at MNJ Institute of Oncology
75 year old saved at MNJ
A tumor of 10-15 inches was removed at MNJ for a 75 year old with percision and no cost. The patient with tumor of large intestine consulted a private hospital where he was told that the operation will cost him around 4 to 5 lacs. After 3 rounds of chemotheraphy in a period of 3 months followed by surgery helped him to again live his life normally.
75 year old saved at MNJ
Rebirth at MNJ at no cost!
MNJ has completed 100 operations of Limb conservation surgeries in a span of 5 years under the leadership of Dr.Srinivasulu This surgery is done on patients suffering with bone cancer. Area affected with cancer is exposed to radiation and chemotheraphy at first stage. This is done to prevent adverse effects on the organs. Next stage is to surgically remove the affected area and place the rod instead of it. This will help in conserving the limbs with no side effects to the body. The rod is manufactored by Medani organization which aids in Limbs conservation surgery, thus acting as a life saviour.
Rebirth at MNJ at no cost!
New Cancer blocks at MNJ
Governemnt of Telagana has sacnctioned 160 crores for various blocks to be built at MNJ This would include new patient wards, seprate pregancy ward. It will also have a staying place for patients relative. Kitchen and Laundry facilities to be also provided in this sanction.
Health Minister wanted to have 15 -20 cancer centres across various districs of Telegana. He emphasized that 1 cigarette takes away 11 minutes of life and how both government and private hospital should come up with some activities to help patients quit smoking.
New Cancer blocks at MNJ
Casualty Block
Health ministe had a tor of teh entire hospital and met patients from diffrent wards to understand the need of the patients and directed the Director to send in what all is needed in the institute. He agreed to sanction a blood component cell sepration machine and also to have seprate areas for Kitchen and Laundary. Health minister was accompanied with DME-Dr.Ramani and Nampally, MLA-Miraj Hussain.
Casualty Block
22nd International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative care IAPCON2015HYD
Dear Sir/ Madam

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the 22nd International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care, IAPCON 2015 Hyderabad, to be held at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hitex, from 13- 15th February 2015, i.e. Friday to Sunday, is jointly hosted by the MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre and Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society. The purpose of this conference is to bring the best from all clinical disciplines and basic researchers connected with palliative care and pain management and join hands with volunteers, civil societies, palliative care activists, policy makers, patients and their care givers to focus primarily on the influence, innovations and integration of palliative care. More than 600 national and international delegates of international repute are expected to attend. We request you to block the dates in your calendar for your very own conference and register on-line through the official website of IAPCON 2015 Hyderabad at www.iapcon2015hyd or contact info@iapcon2015hyd.com . Various details of the conference are available on this website which will be periodically updated with latest news and scientific programme. We would be happy to provide any assistance you may require in this regard, and look forward to your active participation in this conference. Kindly find enclosed the first announcement of the conference.

With Best wishes and Sincere Regards

Dr Gayatri Palat                                                                                                                                   Prof. Dr. T. Kannan, MD, DM

Organizing Secretary                                                                                                                           Chief Patron

IAPCON 2015 Hyderabad                                                                                                                     IAPCON2015HYD
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HDR Brachytherapy.
A tumor of 10-15 inches was removed at MNJ for a 75 year old with percision and no cost. The patient with tumor of large intestine consulted a private hospital where he was told that the operation will cost him around 4 to 5 lacs. After 3 rounds of chemotheraphy in a period of 3 months followed by surgery helped him to again live his life normally.
Colposcope and Cryosurgery unit
We have recently procured a Colposcope along with a cryosurgery unit to strengthen the department of Preventive oncology. Colposcope will be used in the early detection of Cancer of Cervix.
3D Treatment Planning System
Radiation treatment instrumentation. It is useful to plan radiation dose delivery in a most accurate method. This facilitates treating the main target with least damage to adjacent normal tissues. It has been found to be extremely useful in treatment planning of various brachytherapy  procedures, External RT of brain tumors, lung cancer, prostrate cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and cancer of  cervix  etc.
Radiotherapy Simulator
Mehdi Nawaz Jung Institute of Oncology has acquired a latest Computerized simulator which facilitates treatment planning in Radio Therapy. Treatment field can be marked out exactly as a result of which  radiation induced damage to surrounding normal tissues can be minimized. And at the same time high doses of cancer destructive beams to tumor tissue can be delivered.
Institute purchased Dual Energy Linear Accelerator
This instrument treats cancer using photons (mega voltage x ray) and  electrons as cancer destructive beams. It will be equipped with a multi leaf collimator which increases precision of treatment. As a result of which unwanted side effects like skin, soft tissue and bone reactions can be significantly reduced. This is a highly desirable  aspect in cancer treatment. It is useful in the treatment of   cancer of Prostate, Nasopharynx, Cervix etc. This addition to our Institute also facilitates  Stereo Tactic Radio therapy and Stereo Tactic Radio surgery (X- knife).
Air Pollution is a major environmental health problem affecting the developing and the developed countries alike. The effects of Air Pollution on health are very complex as there are many different sources and their individual effects vary from one to the other.

To combat the pollution, GAIL (India) Limited, a public sector undertaking under Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is coming up with its natural gas in 22 cities in India which will reduce vehicular Pollution and also domestic and commercial.

In Hyderabad GAIL ( India) Limited has associated with MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre, Hyderabad and had set up an Air Pollution Related Disease Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad for which they have contributed an amount of rs.20.00 lakhs for purchase of equipments.

This APRDDC would work as R & D for the development of facilities for diagnosing suspended particles, which are known to cause various heart diseases and the levels of these particles are at alarming level in the environment. This APRDD Centre was formally inaugurated on 21 st March, 2005 by the Principal Secretary to Govt., Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Officials from GAIL India Ltd. attended the function.

The Established APRDC was inaugurated on 14 th October, 2005 at MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre, Red Hills, Hyderabad by Sri Proshanto Banerjee, Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL ( India ) Ltd. and is made operational.
Development of Hospital Information Management System

As a step towards better and more effective patient care, MNJ  is proud to have initiated a computerization of patient records at the hospital. The registration of all patient will be done electronically and shall be available whenever required in an electronic format. This will help streamline the handling of patients in the hospital and also help clinicians and other care providers to have easy and anytime access to patient medical record thereby assisting in providing more effective care for cancer patients.

Telemedicine Project
» Telemedicine project started in collaboration with ISRO
» We are the first Govt. hospital to establish Telemedicine
» Our Institute is linked with other RCCs in the Country and other Govt. hospitals in the state.
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