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Institute purchased Dual Energy Linear Accelerator
This instrument treats cancer using photons (mega voltage x ray) and  electrons as cancer destructive beams. It will be equipped with a multi leaf collimator which increases precision of treatment. As a result of which unwanted side effects like skin, soft tissue and bone reactions can be significantly reduced. This is a highly desirable  aspect in cancer treatment. It is useful in the treatment of   cancer of Prostate, Nasopharynx, Cervix etc. This addition to our Institute also facilitates  Stereo Tactic Radio therapy and Stereo Tactic Radio surgery (X- knife).
Development of Hospital Information Management System

As a step towards better and more effective patient care, MNJ  is proud to have initiated a computerization of patient records at the hospital. The registration of all patient will be done electronically and shall be available whenever required in an electronic format. This will help streamline the handling of patients in the hospital and also help clinicians and other care providers to have easy and anytime access to patient medical record thereby assisting in providing more effective care for cancer patients.

Telemedicine Project
» Telemedicine project started in collaboration with ISRO
» We are the first Govt. hospital to establish Telemedicine
» Our Institute is linked with other RCCs in the Country and other Govt. hospitals in the state.
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The “MNJ Cancer Hospital & Radium Institute,” a 40 bedded Hospital was established by Nawab Mehdi Nawaj Jung and inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 8 th December, 1955. It was the first centre in Andhra Pradesh to provide cancer care.

From this humble beginning it has grown to its present stature and in March, 1996 it was awarded the status of Regional Cancer

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Cancer is a deadly disease that requires prolonged and expensive treatment. This is beyond the reach of ordinary people.
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Palliative care aims at enabling people to live with the disease, as free of symptoms and psychosocial problems as possible.
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